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This is absolutely amazing! The colors are perfect for this picture and angle. The scenery fits very well to the sunset. The lighting i...

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I was told to take up a challenge to draw yourself as cute as possible and post it. This is to all of my watchers to challenge themselves, new ones included, and so you can see how cute I can draw. 😉
Hello my dear watchers. I'm going to make a quick announcement. I haven't been doing so well with all of the stress and emotions going on lately. I'm going to take a break from DA temporarily. I don't know how long, but it will give me time to calm down and handle everything that's been going on lately. This also goes for the people that have watched me and given me llamas. I'm sorry I haven't thanked you guys and I'm sorry. I'm trying to keep myself under control and so far I'm not doing so well on it. I will post when I get back. Again, I'm very sorry. My page will still be up, but not active. I guess I'll see you guys when I get back from the emotional and venting break time... I will be posting more when I get back. I know you guys may not like it, including my newest watchers, but this is what's going to happen. I'm going to log out of my account right after I post this so I can take a break. I don't know how long, but I really need to get a grip on my emotions right now. Bye everyone. I'll talk to you guys soon.

Tied up
Lol. Got bored and needed to make myself laugh. Enjoy.
This is Brian by the way. XD
100 pageviews yesterday!!!! Thank you!!!!! *passes out from over excitement*

    I've tried to help many, but I've ended up drawing a weapon myself. A simple bow and set of arrows, could they really do much harm? Trying to help and protect others, yet I have only failed miserably. Trying and trying. Losing and Losing.

    Over and over, my past if I am stuck within a twister of dieing hope and fate. Nothing can save once hope is dead forever...just like the sealed fate of the dead forever. Stories rewind as the past takes over. Slowly going mad. Memories begin to fail, while the present seems like the past.

    Nothing is no longer free as it thought. Survival is now the only thing we can do. Fighting for life, just to protect the people we care about...even if they don’t care. Only then, will they understand the true purpose behind our actions… As pasts unravel from the web of fate while our minds think we are truly going insane.

    Revenge slowly begins to cross our minds, and yet we regret the things we do in the present. We realize our fates once it’s too late. We run from our fears, to the ones we trust and loved...just trying to comfort ourselves. Once you look around you, you realize that you are very lucky to know the people you did, because when you get older, they will no longer be around to comfort you anymore.

    Understanding is hard to do, but yet, it must be done to show that we know what they mean to us. The strings of puppets wrap around our joints, as we slowly fail to control our own movements. Tighter and tighter. Vision slowly becomes black as our control slowly leaves us. Harsher and harsher, unforgiving as ever.

    Slowly drowning in the darkness that engulfs us. Ink decays while nature takes it back. Never forgiving is the darkness. Ghosts and shadows roam the dark, never to be freed again. Fast forward and rewound, lost in the sync of time.

    Darkness gets closer and pulls us until we are covered entirely. Trying to escape, and struggling to be free. Crawling and fighting while clinging onto nothing. Emotions become confused and try to stay aligned but fail.

    Tell me, am I really keeping my sanity and talking to you like every other person, or do I talk to imaginary people on the internet? People learn to hack to give others misery. Who are you really and are you like me? Slowly going nuts and venting out all the lies you were told since birth while searching for the truth. My name is Sarah and I go by Crafty or CreativelyCrafty and this is my life and how I feel.

    How about you? Who knows I may find people going through the same things as myself while I wear a fake smile everyday and think three simple words, Everything Is Fine. But am I really fine? I don’t know anymore. What is sanity and madness?

    Hope and despair? Revenge and protecting? I no longer know the truth that I was after. I’ve changed that I don’t know what to do anymore. All I do is code on documents in my computer hopelessly trying to find where I fit in in this crazy word.

    I’ve even pushed the cries of help in my dreams and nightmares that became a reality. The only thing I’ve done is give up. I write a book to say how I feel, while putting it all into my characters, trying to not make myself feel all along. I don’t know what to do anymore. Hopelessly typing, while no one bothers to read.

    If you are reading this, congratulations. You know my emotions. I’m only broken, but more than others. I made an oc, to portray how I feel. His name is Brian, yet, I named him after Notch’s brother, Brian.

    Locked in a game, surviving in shadows and dreams, crying for help to be freed. He told me to become a coder, find John and who wears null’s skin within the game, and stabilize it to how it was...freed of glitches. I push that aside now, losing my faith in causes that I will never achieve, even if I try. Who am I in this crazy world? Just another bystander watching the world go into chaos and losing hope in causes that might succeed.

    The question I always ask to myself, who am I and why am I here? Do I have a purpose to serve at all? What is the truth and the lies anymore? The world is a pot of confusion, blending lies and truths together, yet they are never told apart. I no longer know what I’m doing here.

    I resort to art and writing for my safehaven, while the codes make me feel no longer alone and separated from myself. Quick with typing and writing off the mind, yet not so quick with ideas. Fake smiles are hard to tell apart from the people who are really happy and showing their real smile. I rarely smile anymore and I don’t know why. I dare people to kick me in the shin to see how I react, they do it, and then think I’m going crazy.

    I laugh at what I think it a sharp zap and swift smack to my shin, but in reality, it was a really hard kick. My shins would bruise and it would be hard to walk from the dimmed pain in them since I was young and played soccer. Surviving my near deaths, and yet I seen unphased by it but yet I’m really hiding it. My life is crazy and I can tell if one of my friend lies, because if you look closely at their eyes, body movements, and sense their emotions correctly and tell them to spit out the truth, soon enough they’ll come clean with it. I’ve cut myself in the finger while cutting carrots and I’ve only winced and handled the blood and bandaging fine.

    I didn’t scream because I was used to treating myself of my minor injuries. Great with animals and treating myself of injuries, yet not a nurse or veterinarian. Humorous, yet not internally. Helpful, yet not a healer. I resort to photography in nature like the outdoors with no civilization. Graceful, yet not.

    Beautiful, peaceful, and calming in my opinion, but horrible by others and their opinions. I’m always there, but never noticed. Looking up to very few people for guidance, yet receiving nothing. A creator and imaginative, yet never called upon for help when needed. A friend and protector, yet taken for granted.

    Seen, but never heard. Caring, but never asked. Resourceful and forgiving while being determined, yet never needed. I am the of the unheard, but am I really just that? I speak out for what is right, yet is told that it’s wrong.

    Always looked up to by younger children I meet and by fellow classmates, but am I a really good role model? I think not. Resourcing to beating a punching bag to release anger while I’m really mad at the crazy world that I live in and why I am continuously surviving. Trying and trying, resourcing to quotes to make me feel better. Roleplaying to keep myself entertained while I code on my computer.

    I’ve had very few friends that still stick by me today that help me keep my sanity. Roleplaying the people I look up to as role models, heroes, and people who went through the same thing as me. Doing things to keep myself busy while trying to keep my sanity and self determined in staying alive. What is humanity? What is my purpose?

    What are feelings and emotions? What is reality and what is fake? I want to make people’s day better while making myself happier at the same time. Always alone, yet told by classmates that they will stand by you all the time and you know very well that they won’t. Resorting to archery has always been my wish and accomplishment to do. I know my plants and herbs, yet I hate spiders.

    I know how to help people and myself, just not my own emotions. I’m broken as if I am nothing, yet always held up by people that help me get through my tough day and life. Every day and minute, second and breath, I question the quotes I use to keep myself together and from falling apart. I want a better life, while wishing that I never met some people that I’ve met. Friends turn to people that insult me while they are jealous.

    Tearing my emotions apart like paper and scissors. It feels like an endless black hole that never ends. Nothing to help you from falling while it teases you endlessly on how you can’t get out. Poetry I resort to when I need to put words into so I can relieve myself of the present and let everything go. Relaxing never comes easy to me.

    Always tense from never ending stress that acts like a burden upon my shoulders while acting like a weight while I sink into the water, waiting to hit the bottom. This could continue forever or I can put a few more sentences to wrap it all up. Life is crazy while the world keeps spinning. Chaos is everywhere and it is undefeatable. Be careful on who you trust, because it can easily turn on you at one point or another.

    Keep looking up to your role models like I do for guidance. At one point or another, you get it when you need it most. Lie after lie, look for which is really the truth, because at some point it will matter when it is needed to be heard. Listen and speak when it really matters and don’t trust everyone that you come across. Life is not always fair but also not always forgiving.

Please show them some support and I own nothing!! All credit goes to their creators and I'm going to get even better at drawing now. PREPARE FOR THE NEW CHANGES!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!!!!!
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I love to do artwork! This is my first time doing digital art. I hope to get better and that you guys like the things I make. I really like doing roleplay and having fun with people during it. It helps people interact between each other and me. It also gives me something to do when I'm bored. I do traditional art a lot more than digital and I hope to get a youtube channel soon so I can post how to draw videos, show deviant art, and make speedpaints. I hope you enjoy my art!! ^w^


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